What we do?

Creative Mountain is a Graphic design company that specializes in Brand Design.
We have worked with clients from around the world and look forward to working with you!

Graphic Design

Whether you want a completely new logo or to rejuvenate an old one, our innovative ideas develop your logo into a brand. Our Graphic Design skills seek to provide the best quality logos, business cards and letterheads for your company.


We seek to maximise your business potential through advertising and provide services that allow you to do so through a number of mediums. Whether it be packaging, signage, billboards, magazines, newspapers or vehicle designs.


We provide creative solutions to present your brand and voice your message. Whether you require brochures, flyers, posters, stationary or anything in between, our company can provide high quality and affordable print services for your company.

Innovative Ideas

Innovative ideas are those that have not been created, experienced or done before. Creative Mountain provides sleek and modern designs that are captivating and that will generate professional brand names that people have never seen.

Design & Development

At Creative Mountain we are all about the customer. It's the authenticity of the original idea that provide us with the best starting point. We design and develop your brand through collaboration and feedback to give you, the customer, what you desire.

Branding & Identity

Brand design is the process of visual communication. We collaborate with you and use research to build and develop ideas and transform space, text and imagery into high quality designs that stand out from the rest and put your brand on the map.

About Us Creative Mountain

We are a Brisbane based Graphic Design agency that specialises in graphic design, advertising & print. Our ambition is to provide the highest quality designs on the market. Our design process starts with you, the customer. We build and develop upon ideas that can enhance your brand name and grab your audiences attention. Our modernised designs are sure to meet your needs and desires, presenting your company and message to the world.







Our Creative Portfolio

Creative Mountain offers professional designs specific to your needs with the aim of enhancing your brand and company.
Together we can maximize your brands potential and make your business grow.

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Our Happy Customers

Our goal at Creative Mountain is to meet our clients needs by providing the best
high quality and professional Designs for our customers.

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